July Newsletter

Sun Shining Through the Clouds – Joy in the Midst of Worry

As if the Santa Barbara weather has been a metaphor for our inner climate, we are so happy to say that the sun is shining through with its long luminous rays. Danjo San (Souken Danjo), our wonderful Japanese friend, will be visiting us for the 8th year. As every year we will have a Solidarity and Compassion Project celebration around Danjo San’s visit “Songs for the Earth: Music and Poetry to celebrate the Earth.” Several musicians and poets will be contributing with Danjo San.


As you may know, Michael and I have been increasingly worried about the young generation in our midst, the raise of depression, anxiety and general feeling of being lost, as well as the uncertainty about the state of our climate, our world. As individuals we can not do so very much to change external conditions. One day, during my morning meditation, I had an image of children and teens in life vests. The practice of learning to find an inner refuge, in an experience of calm, balance and kindness towards ourselves and others can give us this life vest, no matter what the outside world will bring.

This feel has inspired our latest project, “Kind Mind Sb“, which aims to teach mindfulness and compassion practices in SB schools is moving forward wonderfully. We, a group of teachers, will be guiding mindfulness and compassion practices in several elementary, Junior High and High Schools. It has been wonderful how support in form of expertise, organization and money has been coming together. We will be releasing our Kind Mind SB website and more information soon!


I remember with appreciation my Tibetan friends in India. From them I learned a trust in practice, in a greater connectedness, and in the existence of a basic benevolence. These qualities and sense of awareness can help young and old to be able to be in relationship with what is difficult.

Have a lovely month,



Event Updates:

Synchronicity and Grace at the End of Life, July 9th: 4:00 PM -5:15 pm

Michael will host this event and Cottage Hospital Palliative Care Grand Rounds. Dave Richo will speak on “Synchronicity and Grace at the End of Life.”
The event is free, open to the public and will take place in the Burtness Auditorium.

Solidarity and Compassion Project, July 10th: “Songs for the Earth: Music and Poetry to celebrate the Earth”

with Danjo San as well as other musicians and poets will be on July 10th at 7 pm at The
Unitarian Society, Parish Hall. There will be discussion with open questions and Q&A, music and cookies.  Danjo San will be with us at some of our meditations as well on July 15th in Isla Vista St Michael’s University Church at 7 pm, and July 16th at the Museum of Natural History at 6 pm.

The Path of Love – Loving Kindness and Compassion Retreat:
September 20th-22nd *Registration now open*

In this weekend retreat, you will discover how to awaken and expand the quality of love in yourself so you can heal the relationship with yourself and with those around you. Through the practices of mindful and loving awareness, self-compassion, self-forgiveness, and gratitude, you will learn how to transform habits of self-limitation into making friends with yourself.

Experiential Meditation in Recovery: Another Way to Love:
November 20th-22nd *Registration now open*

In this Weekend retreat for people in recovery, which includes AA, NA, Al-Anon, ACA and their friends, we will teach meditation and prayer from a Mindfulness and a Contemplative Christian approach. Coming from many perspectives, we will talk about surrender, love and compassion. Together we will strengthen our foundation and refuge in our spiritual practice so we can live a healthy, connected and inspired life.

Looking Ahead

September 20-22
Metta Retreat
Radhule Weininger
& Harrison Heyl
Mount Calvary Monastery, SB
Ongoing offerings of One Dharma Sangha are meditation groups: 

  • Mondays at 7 PM at St. Michael’s Church In Isla Vista
  • Tuesdays at 6 PM at the Natural History Museum in the MacVeagh House
  • Second Wednesday at 7 PM “Solidarity & Compassion Project” at The Unitarian Society, Santa Barbara
  • Thursdays at 6 PM at The Sacred Space, Summerland
For more information, visit Radhule’s website RadhuleWeiningerPHD.com
It contains an Events Calendar where you can find upcoming activities, who will be leading, as well as upcoming One Dharma Sanga gatherings and other useful information.
Weekly Sitting Groups
Led by Facilitators in our Heartwork Training Program
Mindfulness in Recovery” Wednesdays at 7:00 PM  at The Alano Club – drop-in meditation group for people in recovery. Lead by Arno Jaffe
Sound Bath and Aromatherapy Meditation”  Thursdays 8:15-9:15
at Yoga Soup – Lead by Anahita Holden
Everyone welcome – Always free

Radhule Weininger, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, and teacher of Buddhist meditation and Buddhist psychology, is the founder and guiding teacher of the One Dharma Sangha as well as the founding teacher of Mindful Heart Programs in Santa Barbara, California.  She is mentored by Jack Kornfield in her teaching and by Joanna Macy in her interest in Engaged Buddhism. Radhule has a strong interest in the direct experience of the sacred and how this can inspire our service to others. Her book “Heartwork: The Path of Self-Compassion“, with a forward by Jack Kornfield is published by Shambala Publications. RadhuleweiningerPHD

“There is no healing without heartwork, intimately tending to the wounds we’ve been avoiding for so long. In this powerful and beautiful book, Radhule Weininger will help you find the courage, pathways and clarity needed to embrace this life with love.” – Tara Brach, Ph.D. Author of Radical Acceptance and True Refuge.

Michael Kearney, MD, a Palliative Care Physician with over 30 years experience. He has been interested in combining medical treatment with approaches that enhance the innate healing of body and mind, such as Buddhist meditation and Native Spirituality. Michael’s latest book, The Nest in the Stream: Lessons from Nature on Being with Pain was published by Parallax Press in February 2018. MichaelkearneyMD

The vision of Mindful Heart Programs is to provide sacred space to practice and cultivate sustainable caring for ourselves, for others and for our world through mindfulness, compassion and nature connection. Help us to offer retreat time and our programs to those in financial need and those are truly intending to dedicate themselves to sharing with their friends, family or community the skills gained in this program. MHP is committed to providing substantial financial support each year to our practitioners so that the benefits of the teachings are available to all.

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