Patricia K Zadeh

Patricia Zadeh draws on the contribution of the many approaches to help clients on a journey through self-discovery, utilizing their own unique traits to grow, heal, change, and develop their personal potential. Patricia helps guide clients to develop to their improved self, find meaning while emphasizing their concerns and being aware of the here and now. She utilizes an integrative approach in her practice, blending humanistic, psychoanalytic, and behavioral techniques while incorporating mindfulness skills, and tailors her treatment according to her individual client’s needs. She has acquired a Master’s and a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on forensic psychology from Antioch University, both products of a pursue to follow her lifelong dream and intrinsic motivation to become a psychologist. It started simply with a curiosity and desire to understand human behavior and help others. She has experience working with the most challenging of mental health issues throughout the years, she has worked with chronic mental illness, addiction, trauma, abuse, as well as patients with chronic and terminal illnesses. Some of the organizations she has been associated and worked with include the United Nations, Red Cross, Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, and nursing homes, assisted living and rehabilitation facilities in the Los Angeles and Ventura County. Patricia is a compassionate and caring professional who has a hunger for continued learning. As a student counselor, she gained valuable experience with younger adults and later became a professor of Psychology, where she developed a new passion. Patricia has experience with diverse cultures and backgrounds, she is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. Patricia is also a disaster response team member of the SBCPA (Santa Barbara Psychological Association) and SBRN (Santa Barbara Response Network), a Trauma Resilience facilitator, SOS (Signs of Suicide Program), as well as PFA (Psychological First Aid) certified. She is currently being trained by her supervisor Dr. Radhule Weininger to become a facilitator in Buddhist meditation. Patricia specializes in working with anxiety, depression, adjustment, gender issues, trauma, loss and grief, relationship and other issues related to teenagers, adults, older adults, and families.